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World Cup Qualifying: Montenegro 3-0 San Marino

14th November 2012
World Cup Qualifier
Stadion Podgorica

Montenegro 3-0 San Marino


Far from the beating we’d feared for San Marino, a 3-0 defeat represents something of a triumph for our boys in blue against the team now installed at the top of group H (although they are the only team to have had the pleasure of playing San Marino twice so far). Continue reading

Thailand 5-0 Bhutan

14thNovember 2012
Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok

Thailand 5-0 Bhutan


Thailand showed no mercy to Bhutan in this one sided match, with the magnificently named Apipoo Sunthornpanavei scoring twice in the first 5 minutes to effectively end this contest before it had even begun.  That’s not to say that Bhutan didn’t have a few chances of their own, but sadly couldn’t convert. Continue reading