Azerbaijan AzerbaijanBadge
Months as Worst in the World : 2
When? : June 1994 – July 1994 (2 months)
All-Time Worst in the World Ranking : 29th
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Azerbaijan on UEFA
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Having won a string of unofficial matches following independence in 1991 whilst not yet affiliated to either UEFA or FIFA, Azerbaijan had to wait until 1994 to become members of both. Those earlier successes, against fellow former Soviets, meant nothing in terms of ranking points once Azerbaijan took their place in FIFA’s meritocracy. Once FIFA membership was gained, Azerbaijan’s first full international took place in April 1994 when they travelled to the less than mighty Malta to take on the hosts in a friendly. To say that things didn’t get off to the most stellar of beginnings for the new nation would be something of an understatement.

Their small Mediterranean island opponents are not known for their football achievements but at the time they were ranked a startlingly high 82nd in the world, and made their superior experience tell. Before two minutes had ticked by, the Maltese had taken the lead. By half-time, it was 2-0, and three late goals piled on the Azeri misery to complete a 5-0 rout. A spot at the foot of the rankings was assured. It took a goalless draw with Turkey a few games and a few months later to finally rid them of that particular burden.

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Matches played as Worst in the World
1st September 1994 Friendly Moldova Moldova 2-1 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
7th September 1994 European Champs Qual Romania Romania 3-0 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

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