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Friendly: Burundi 1-0 Djibouti

13th March 2017
Friendly International
Stade du Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi 1-0 Djibouti

A mere two days after going down 7-0 to Burundi, the two sides pitted their wits against each other once again in Bujumbura and this time Djibouti put up a much improved performance and came away with a much better result.

Making no fewer than 6 changes to the starting line-up from Saturday’s first match, Djibouti kept things distinctly tighter at the back even though they went behind early to a 16th minute strike from Franck Barirengako. Continue reading


Friendly: Burundi 7-0 Djibouti

11th March 2017
Friendly International
Stade du Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi 7-0 Djibouti

In a not wholly untypical revelation, Djibouti sprung this friendly match in Burundi from seemingly nowhere at rather short notice. Not wanting to do things by halves, they play a second friendly in Burundi again on 13th March.
Continue reading

Friendly: Italy 4-0 San Marino

31stMay 2013
Stadio Renato Dall’Ara, Bologna, Italy

Italy 4-0 San Marino


The overriding feeling after San Marino’s latest defeat is that it could have been worse.  A historic first meeting between the tiny Sammarinese and the nation that surrounds them was never going to be good news as far as the result was concerned.  But thankfully the Italians didn’t overdo things and try and humiliate their opponents. Continue reading

Thailand 5-0 Bhutan

14thNovember 2012
Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok

Thailand 5-0 Bhutan


Thailand showed no mercy to Bhutan in this one sided match, with the magnificently named Apipoo Sunthornpanavei scoring twice in the first 5 minutes to effectively end this contest before it had even begun.  That’s not to say that Bhutan didn’t have a few chances of their own, but sadly couldn’t convert. Continue reading

Poland 4-0 Andorra

2nd June 2012
Pepsi Arena, Warsaw

Poland 4-0 Andorra


A return to type for Andorra after their exploits against Azerbaijan the other day.  As expected, Andorra were simply providing target practice for Poland ahead of their home Euro 2012 campaign, a fact borne out as Poland lead 3-0 by half-time.  It could easily have been more, as Poland missed a few decent chances in addition to the ones they put away. Continue reading

Azerbaijan 0-0 Andorra – Defeat Avoided!

30th May 2012
Kelsterbach, Germany

Azerbaijan 0-0 Andorra


Not many countries can celebrate a 0-0 draw with Azerbaijan, but for Andorra a third goalless draw in four matches against this opponent was a huge positive.  The first time defeat had been avoided in a full international since another 0-0 draw against a former Soviet Republic, Armenia, back in February 2007. Continue reading