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Macau: The Original Worst in the World


Since the FIFA rankings first came into use in late 1992, things have never been easy for those stuck at the bottom. Prior to the rankings first taking effect, any previous disastrous runs of form or multiple thrashings were partly hidden from the wider world. Until the rankings came into being, nobody suffered the label of being the worst in the world. That changed as soon as the first table was published in December 1992.

The team with the ignominy of being highlighted as the inaugural official worst national team in the world was the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau. This dubious honour was bestowed on Macau in spite of recording a win over Chinese Taipei the previous June in Asian Cup qualification. When the subsequent rankings came out – not until August 1993 – Macau were joint-last with the Maldives, but it was Macau who would remain rooted to the bottom for nigh on the next three years as other teams came and went. Continue reading