Cook Islands

Cook Islands CookIslandsBadge
Months as Worst in the World : 22
When : November 1996 – April 1997 (4 months)
July 1997 – July 1997 (1 month)
October 1997 – October 1997 (1 month)
December 1997 – December 1997 (1 month)
July 1998 – July 1998 (1 month)
May 2008 – June 2009 (14 months)
All-Time Worst in the World Ranking : 14th
Cook Islands on FIFA
Cook Islands on OFC
National FA Website

After a few short spells in the rankings doldrums in the mid-1990s, the Cook Islands longest spell at the bottom began in May 2008 and lasted for 14 months. They escaped thanks to a friendly double-header against Tonga, with two matches in three days away to their South Pacific rivals.

Grabbing a 1-1 draw in the first of those would have been enough to secure a rise up the rankings, but to follow that up with a 2-1 win in the second was the stuff of dreams. The results are all the more remarkable when you consider that the population of Tonga is some ten times larger than that of the Cook Islands.

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Matches played as Worst in the World
11th June 2009 Friendly Tonga Tonga 1-1 Cook Islands Cook Islands
13th June 2009 Friendly Tonga Tonga 1-2 Cook Islands Cook Islands

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