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Welcome Back Anguilla

Anguilla FlagThe tiny island of Anguilla, a territory of the United Kingdom, may be one of the first listed FIFA members alphabetically, but once again they are now the last listed in the ranking meritocracy.  Having  been absent for almost four years Anguilla are once again firmly ensconced as the official worst team in the world after Bhutan’s rise last month.

This will be Anguilla’s eighth spell as the worst in the world and will see the tiny island territory add to its currently tally of 48 months ranked at the bottom of the world.

‘It means nothing to me,’ said the Polish-born national team coach Richard Orlowski to recently – while his team were one place ahead of Bhutan.  ‘We’ve had some bad luck in the past, there’s no denying.  But now we play in the present.  So whoever says that Anguilla don’t have a chance, I say to them: “This is football and anything can happen.”’

Anguilla, at the northern edge of the Leeward Islands, is considered a paradise of tropical beauty and seductive calm even among the rich pickings of the Caribbean.  ‘It may be a small island, but these guys have the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen,’ Orlowski added referring to his team of amateurs, who combine international football with careers as construction workers, bankers, teachers and boat builders.  ‘They leave work early to train and some even risk getting less pay.  I feel so much pride when I see them come out on the pitch, how much they juggle in their lives.’ Continue reading

Bhutan Hit the Heights, Anguilla Fall  

Sri Lanka vs BhutanAfter their successful World Cup qualification matches against Sri Lanka, with wins both home and away, Bhutan’s rise from the foot of the world rankings has been confirmed in the latest FIFA rankings.

The fact that their results came in World Cup competition and against a significantly higher ranked opponent has led to Bhutan earning a whopping 128 rankings points for their exploits.  From a stone-cold zero beforehand they can no wallow in the untold riches of such a total.  It has seen them rise from 209th position to a frankly startling 163rd on FIFA’s world rankings.

This is simply the most stunning rise from the doldrums that the Worst in the World has ever seen. Continue reading