Bahamas BahamasBadge
Months as Worst in the World : 17
When : September 1993 – November 1993 (3 months)
August 2015 – present (13 months)
All-Time Worst in the World Ranking : =16th
Bahamas on FIFA
Bahamas on CONCACAF
National FA Website

They endured a three-month stint at the foot of the rankings in 1993 after which they vanished from the listing. An absence of nigh on six years kept them unencumbered by being highlighted as the worst before they returned to action in 1999. When they did so, they chose their opponents wisely, taking on and beating the populace-challenged Turks and Caicos Islands 3-0 and re-joining the rankings well clear of the bottom

They rejoined the Worst in the World club in the summer of 2015 after failing to avoid defeat in the World Cup qualifiers not long beforehand.

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