Thailand 5-0 Bhutan

14thNovember 2012
Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok

Thailand 5-0 Bhutan


Thailand showed no mercy to Bhutan in this one sided match, with the magnificently named Apipoo Sunthornpanavei scoring twice in the first 5 minutes to effectively end this contest before it had even begun.  That’s not to say that Bhutan didn’t have a few chances of their own, but sadly couldn’t convert.

More likely were more goals for Thailand, and they duly delivered, adding two more before the break, with our pal Apipoo completing his hat-trick, and one straight after before presumably easing off.  The second half goal coming from the possibly even better named Rattana Phectaporn.

They could have had more, but Bhutan are hailing their goalkeeper for keeping them in it.  Sort of.

As an aside with very little relevance, I once wandered in to the Rajamangala Stadium through an open gate and out on to the pitch.  The only person there was cleaning in the stands and just waved me on, happy to let me have my moment on the pitch of a national stadium.

Anyway back to the match, and Bhutan’s Japanese coach Ohara Kazunori had this to say afterwards…

“I was quite impressed to see the potential of the players, it was more than expected”

So there you have it.  Officially nothing was expected, and so avoiding a total humping was actually quite a positive for Bhutan!

Highlights of Thailand’s goals can be seen here…


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