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FIFA World Rankings: New Nations


Two new nations have joined FIFA in recent weeks, both from Europe, meaning a bit of a shift in the world rankings, shuffling many of the lowliest teams down a place. The arrival of Kosovo, leaping straight in to a ranking of 190th and surely set to rise a bit higher with a reasonably handy squad of players, means that all teams below them – including our own motley crew – are now listed one place lower (=205th).

That may change again come September when Gibraltar take their place on the rankings. Having been admitted to UEFA a couple of year’s ago, Gibraltar enjoyed some positive results in friendly internationals before losing all of their Euro 2016 qualifiers. Not having yet played a match as a FIFA nation, they are yet to receive a ranking. Continue reading

Gibraltar admitted into UEFA


In a move which may lead to a new name at the bottom of the World Rankings, Gibraltar have been admitted into UEFA and will compete in the next European Championships in 2016.  Well, they’ll be in the qualifying round beginning in Autumn 2014 anyway.

Similar in population terms to San Marino, they will of course struggle to make an impact, however a glance at recent results shows a 3-0 win over the Faroe Islands two years ago.  The Faroese are a couple of notches above the likes of San Marino, so perhaps Gibraltar will be able to avoid becoming a basement dweller in rankings terms. Continue reading