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Friendly: Burundi 1-0 Djibouti

13th March 2017
Friendly International
Stade du Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi 1-0 Djibouti

A mere two days after going down 7-0 to Burundi, the two sides pitted their wits against each other once again in Bujumbura and this time Djibouti put up a much improved performance and came away with a much better result.

Making no fewer than 6 changes to the starting line-up from Saturday’s first match, Djibouti kept things distinctly tighter at the back even though they went behind early to a 16th minute strike from Franck Barirengako. Continue reading

Friendly: Burundi 7-0 Djibouti

11th March 2017
Friendly International
Stade du Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi 7-0 Djibouti

In a not wholly untypical revelation, Djibouti sprung this friendly match in Burundi from seemingly nowhere at rather short notice. Not wanting to do things by halves, they play a second friendly in Burundi again on 13th March.
Continue reading

Friendly Result: San Marino 0-3 Albania

Sunday 8thJune 2014
International Friendly
Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle, San Marino

San Marino 0-3 Albania


It’s rare that San Marino play friendly matches, and when they do it is not usually against the higher level of opposition. (Their match with Italy a couple of years ago being a notable exception.) They’ve played Liechtenstein a few times, even beaten them once. Remarkable things can happen, if infrequently, particularly if the opposition sees the match as something of a training exercise and a chance to blood a few new youngsters. It’s therefore quite disappointing to report that San Marino’s latest friendly escapade has ended in defeat once more, to an Albania side that is very much on the rise.

San Marino did keep Albania at bay for almost half an hour, restricting them to a few long range efforts but nothing too dangerous.  They even managed one or two attacks of their own, though naturally none of them were particularly threatening.

But the tide was heading one way and when Albania scored their opener from Mergin Mavraj on 28 minutes, the end was nigh. The goal came after Armando Vajushi looped over a free kick from close to the right corner flag finding Mavraj who rose above the defence at the back post to head home.  Mavraj is a German born former German U-21 international, but chose to play for the nation of his parents (Albanian Kosovans).  This strike was his first international goal in 17 appearances.

This was the prompt for an intense period of pressure from Albania, and only a few minutes later, wide man Armando Vajushi added a second, and likewise it was his first international goal.  Cutting in from the right he fired a stunning left foot shot into the top corner beyond Simoncini in the home net.  Unstoppable.

Emiljano Vila added the third in the second half to round out the victory with an equally impressive strike.  The ball rebounded around the edge of the box and flew up above Vila who crashed home a terrific volley.

A 3-0 defeat it may have been but if there’s any consolation I suppose it can be found in the fact that Albania had to score two very impressive goals to see out the win.

San Marino to play friendly with Albania


Just ahead of the World Cup Finals in Brazil, a tournament of little interest to our intrepid heroes at the foot of the football world, San Marino will host Albania in a friendly match in Serravalle on Sunday 8th June.

The two have only met once before, in a friendly match in 2006.  On that occasion Albania claimed victory with a comfortable 3-0 scoreline.  A beating, but hardly a bad one. Continue reading

An impressive debut: Gibraltar 0-0 Slovakia

19th November 2013
International Friendly
Estadio Algarve, Faro, Portugal

Gibraltar 0-0 Slovakia


Well it looks as though Gibraltar aren’t destined to become a Worst in the World as they sealed a magnificent 0-0 draw with Slovakia in their first official international.  Official in terms of being a UEFA member that is.  They aren’t members of FIFA so technically wouldn’t have a world ranking anyway, but avoiding defeat means there is no debate about whether they are one of our basement boys or not. Continue reading

Gibraltar Announce First Official Fixtures


While we are yet to know if FIFA will accept Gibraltar as a full member, and therefore give them a World Ranking, UEFA’s newest national team have announced their first set of official UEFA sanctioned fixtures.

These matches are preparation for Gibraltar’s first foray into European Championship qualification, the draw for which will take place early in 2014. Continue reading

A European Nations’ League?


It emerged recently that a suggestion made at UEFA’s latest summit meeting was to replace international friendly dates with a European Nations’ League, perhaps made up of nine division of six, with promotion and relegation.


This seems great for the top nations, with a regular supply of enticing fixtures, but seems rather less alluring to the middle ranked nations.  Playing the other mid ranked teams for the prospect of climbing from Division 4 to Division 4 isn’t the stuff of dreams. But if these compeitive fixtures are to replace many of the meaningless friendlies, then that is all to the good in my opinion. Continue reading