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Euro 2016: San Marino Back In Action


European Championships Qualifiers

England v. San Marino
Thursday 9th October 2014
European Championships Qualifying Group E
Wembley Stadium, London, England

San Marino continue their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign with the latest edition of what is becoming something of a regular fixture in European qualifying.  Having met in the last round of qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup, the two sides had also previously met famously in 1994 World Cup qualifying.

On those occasions, England won by six goals in both matches but of course it was San Marino’s goal through David Gualtieri which has remained in everyone’s memories; the fastest ever goal in World Cup football.  Here it is again for your enjoyment/amusement/embarrassment:
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Euro 2016: San Marino 0-2 Lithuania

Monday 8th September 2014
European Championships Qualifying Group E
Stadio Olimpico, Serravalle, San Marino

San Marino 0-2 Lithuania


San Marino’s Euro 2016 campaign got under way last week in Serravalle with a promising if ultimately futile performance from the boys in blue.

Two first half goals were sufficient to take the points for the Baltic nation, but the narrowness of the scoreline come full time with provide some small crumbs of comfort for San Marino.  It was a bad start however, as Lithuania took the lead after just four minutes when Mindaugas Kalonas was put clear on the right hand side and crossed for Deivydas Matulevicius to prod home into an unguarded net. Continue reading

European Championships Qualifier: San Marino v. Lithuania

Monday 8th September 2014
European Championships Qualifying Group E
Stadio Olimpico, Serravalle, San Marino

San Marino v. Lithuania


San Marino get their Euro 2016 campaign up and running with a home fixture against Lithuania; a match which according to the world rankings represents San Marino’s best hope for avoiding a defeat in this group.

Best hope it may be but it’s a rather slim and unlikely one.  Lithuania are currently ranked 103rd by FIFA as compared to San Marino’s 208th, but that does make them the second lowest ranked team in the group.  For completeness, the other rankings are Switzerland (9th), England (20th), Slovenia (39th) and Estonia (93rd).  It doesn’t sound quite so bad if I mention that Lithuania re the 45th ranked European team, a mere 8 places above San Marino, but let’s be honest; the world ranking figure is a truer reflection in this case. Continue reading

San Marino’s Euro 2016 Schedule


The qualifying draw for the 2016 European Championships took place at the weekend in the south of France and for our European representative, San Marino, it produced the only outcome it could possibly have done, namely a tough draw.

Drawn into Group E, San Marino are paired with England as the seeded nation, the third time this has happened to the Sammarinese, though the previous two were in World Cup qualifying.  The other teams in the group are Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania who will provide San Marino’s first opponents in September this year. Continue reading