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Djibouti: Enduring Enthusiasm in spite of it all


Djibouti is a country of extremes. Extreme poverty for many sits side-by-side with extreme wealth for the few. Its people have a lack of education, frequently suffer from high malnutrition, and there is high unemployment. On the other hand, it is a relatively stable country, certainly when compared to its neighbour Somalia, and attracts economic migrants from the surrounding countries. Continue reading


CECAFA Cup 2015: Djibouti in action


New Worst in the World nation Djibouti will be in action sooner than FIFA have listed on their website, with the announcement today of the fixtures for the 2015 CECAFA Cup. This is an official FIFA sanctioned tournament, played for by the teams of East and Central African, and should therefore have a bearing on Djibouti’s world ranking. Continue reading