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World Rankings: Anguilla’s Points Expunged

Anguilla FA BadgeThe latest FIFA rankings were published today with the confirmation that Anguilla’s sole remaining ranking points – two point left over from a 0-0 draw in a 2011 friendly match with the US Virgin Islands – have withered away to nothing. That last non-defeat now dating back more than four years it’s points no longer count towards Anguilla’s total, which now stands at a magnificent zero.

Of course this doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Anguilla were already ranked last thanks to Bhutan’s rise so this hasn’t made any difference in terms of their labelling as the current worst in the world. Continue reading


Bhutan Hit the Heights, Anguilla Fall  

Sri Lanka vs BhutanAfter their successful World Cup qualification matches against Sri Lanka, with wins both home and away, Bhutan’s rise from the foot of the world rankings has been confirmed in the latest FIFA rankings.

The fact that their results came in World Cup competition and against a significantly higher ranked opponent has led to Bhutan earning a whopping 128 rankings points for their exploits.  From a stone-cold zero beforehand they can no wallow in the untold riches of such a total.  It has seen them rise from 209th position to a frankly startling 163rd on FIFA’s world rankings.

This is simply the most stunning rise from the doldrums that the Worst in the World has ever seen. Continue reading

Latest FIFA Rankings November 2014 – San Marino’s Delight

c0174-san2bmarinoThey have had to wait years for this day to come along, but after the astonishing 0-0 draw with Estonia two weeks ago, San Marino are officially no longer the (joint) worst team in world football.

That single result, coming against a team ranked 120 places higher than them, and not only that but coming in a regional qualifier rather than a friendly and being part of a strong confederation in UEFA, has seen San Marino’s points tally rocket from a stone cold zero up to the startling total of 55. Continue reading

FIFA Rankings July 2014: Turks & Caicos Climb


Following on from their victory over the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Cup last month the Turks & Caicos Islands have climbed well clear off the bottom of the FIFA world rankings with a frankly astonishing 66 point haul courtesy of that lone victory.

That sees them climb 26 places in the ranking tale to 181st and ends a stay at the bottom of the rankings that had lasted since October 2012.  Additionally, they are now ranked 29 out of the 35 CONCACAF nations thanks to their recent relative success. Continue reading

An impressive debut: Gibraltar 0-0 Slovakia

19th November 2013
International Friendly
Estadio Algarve, Faro, Portugal

Gibraltar 0-0 Slovakia


Well it looks as though Gibraltar aren’t destined to become a Worst in the World as they sealed a magnificent 0-0 draw with Slovakia in their first official international.  Official in terms of being a UEFA member that is.  They aren’t members of FIFA so technically wouldn’t have a world ranking anyway, but avoiding defeat means there is no debate about whether they are one of our basement boys or not. Continue reading

A New Nation Slides To The Bottom – Turks & Caicos Islands


No action for any of the three nations currently ranked bottom, but they have been joined by a fourth country who have descended the slippery slope to ineptitude.  A warm basement welcome to the Turks & Caicos Islands whose fall to the foot of the world rankings was confirmed this month after their results from 4 years ago no longer scored ranking points.

That was a 2-1 win over St Lucia on 6th February 2008 in the first leg of a 2010 World Cup qualifier.  That high point was followed by a 2-0 defeat in the return match and TCI (as I’ll call them to keep things brief) were eliminated.  They weren’t seen again for over three years before another two legged preliminary World Cup tie, this time against the Bahamas.

In what was something of a local derby, the near neighbours from the Bahamas proved rather tough opposition with TCI losing 0-4 at home and 0-6 in Nassau a week later.

History suggests that it will be a few years until TCI see any action again since preliminary World Cup qualifiers seem to be the only action they see.  So it’s welcome to the Turks & Caicos Islands, we don’t expect you’ll be leaving us anytime soon.