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Tonga: South Pacific Struggles

Tonga-Green-Mountains-HD-WallpapersThe Polynesian islanders of Tonga have never before featured at the bottom of the FIFA world rankings, though they have more than once had a bearing on matters relating to the worst in the world.

Back in the Oceania zone qualifying rounds for the 2002 World Cup, Tonga were pitched into an opening group with the regional might of Australia, among a few other Pacific island nations. Tonga suffered the ignominy of a world record defeat for an international match, going down 22-0 to the rampant Socceroos. Continue reading

31-0: An American Samoan Nightmare


By this point they were beyond even humiliation. The bedraggled and deflated American Samoan team stood in a line, their baggy shirts flapping in the light evening breeze. With arms around each other’s shoulders they faced the appreciative Australian crowd and sang, in spite of the tears welling up in many of the players’ eyes. It was a song of pride, of defiance, of home. But home must have felt a long way off for the youthful squad who had just become world news, and not in a good way.

‘After the game we walked into the locker room, I bowed my head down and I cried a little bit,’ the goalkeeper Nicky Salapu recalled years later. ‘I felt very embarrassed and like I don’t want to play soccer anymore.’ Continue reading

Samoa win through: Samoa 1 American Samoa 0

26th November 2011
Oceania World Cup Qualifying Round 1
J.S. Blatter Stadium, Apia, Samoa

Samoa 1 – 0 American Samoa


Samoa won the battle of the two Samoas, and also the Oceania World Cup Round One group, with a last minute Silao Malo goal to win 1-0.

It was also of course an almost unprecedented meeting of two current bottom ranked nations, although both had done plenty in their previous two matches to ensure neither of them are bottom any more. Continue reading

More Samoan Joy – Samoa 1 Tonga 1

24th November 2011
Oceania World Cup Qualifying Round 1
J.S. Blatter Stadium, Apia, Samoa

Samoa 1 – 1 Tonga


Samoa still top the Oceania Round One group after a 1-1 draw with Tonga which has eliminated their opponents and the Cook Islands and set up a humdinger of a final match against American Samoa to decide qualification to the next round. Continue reading

More Success! – American Samoa 1 Cook Islands 1

24th November 2011
Oceania World Cup Qualifying Round 1
J.S. Blatter Stadium, Apia, Samoa

American Samoa 1 – 1 Cook Islands


After the historic first ever win a couple of days ago, American Samoa have followed that up with a 1-1 draw against Cook Islands.

Shalom Luani scored for the second match in succession during the first half to give American Samoa a deserved lead. It was one that they looked certain to at least hold on to or even extend. But sadly an own goal after an hour from Tala Luvu, looping a header of Nicky Salapu in goal, brought Cook Islands level. Continue reading

New FIFA Rankings


The latest FIFA World Rankings were released today, and thanks to the vagaries of international time zones, this was all updated prior to the results of the Oceania World Cup wins for American Samoa and Samoa.  The significance of that?  Their wins aren’t yet reflected in the rankings, and they both remain firmly rooted to the bottom. Continue reading