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Gibraltar Announce First Official Fixtures


While we are yet to know if FIFA will accept Gibraltar as a full member, and therefore give them a World Ranking, UEFA’s newest national team have announced their first set of official UEFA sanctioned fixtures.

These matches are preparation for Gibraltar’s first foray into European Championship qualification, the draw for which will take place early in 2014. Continue reading


A European Nations’ League?


It emerged recently that a suggestion made at UEFA’s latest summit meeting was to replace international friendly dates with a European Nations’ League, perhaps made up of nine division of six, with promotion and relegation.

This seems great for the top nations, with a regular supply of enticing fixtures, but seems rather less alluring to the middle ranked nations.  Playing the other mid ranked teams for the prospect of climbing from Division 4 to Division 4 isn’t the stuff of dreams. But if these compeitive fixtures are to replace many of the meaningless friendlies, then that is all to the good in my opinion. Continue reading

Gibraltar admitted into UEFA


In a move which may lead to a new name at the bottom of the World Rankings, Gibraltar have been admitted into UEFA and will compete in the next European Championships in 2016.  Well, they’ll be in the qualifying round beginning in Autumn 2014 anyway.

Similar in population terms to San Marino, they will of course struggle to make an impact, however a glance at recent results shows a 3-0 win over the Faroe Islands two years ago.  The Faroese are a couple of notches above the likes of San Marino, so perhaps Gibraltar will be able to avoid becoming a basement dweller in rankings terms. Continue reading