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Steady Progress – of the wrong kind

A lack of action on the field for our group of unfortunates hasn’t meant there is nothing to report from a Worst in the World perspective. On the contrary, that lack of action means that all seven teams currently ranked at the foot of the world rankings. have been steadily clocking up additional months in that position. As a consequence each nation is climbing up the all-time worst in the world rankings.

For the uninitiated, this list doesn’t imply that the current worst teams are any better or worse than their predecessors on the field – they have all spent time as officially the worst national teams in the world after all. What it does do, however, is log how many published world rankings each nation sat at the bottom of. And this current lack of action for certainly six of the seven nations means they are adding to their tally significantly.

Here’s a brief rundown of what this all means for each of our worst in the world nations. Continue reading

Anguilla Set For Action – Bahamas Absent: Caribbean Cup Qualifiers


This week saw the announcement of the qualifying draw for the 2017 Caribbean Cup; a tournament that we have long had an interest in here at Worst in the World. The qualifying groups will be played in March 2016 ahead of the Finals tournament the following year.

Our interest this year focuses on Anguilla – one of world football’s smallest nations and current resident of the Worst in the World position in the world rankings. We should have had interest in two nations in this qualifying process as the Bahamas are also a current member of our club but they have declined entry to the Caribbean Cup on this occasion for reasons as yet unknown. Continue reading

2015: Worst in the World Year in Review

Sri Lanka vs Bhutan

2015 may not have been a year of many Worst in the World matches but it has seen a raft of changes to those struggling at the wrong end of the FIFA rankings. The year began with just Bhutan cut adrift from the other 208 members of FIFA as the lone, and therefore undisputed, worst national team in the world, with no ranking points and little hope. Continue reading

Three New Members Confirmed: Worst in the World Club of Six


The release of a new set of FIFA world rankings is often a predictable day for the Worst in the World club. Frequently it’s merely a case of confirming another month added on to the tally of those stuck stranded at the bottom of the world. There is the occasional glorious escape confirmed, and the odd descent to the lowest rung decided. Continue reading

Bahamas Sink to the foot of the World Rankings


Following on from Anguilla’s descent a couple of months ago, we once again welcome the arrival of a Caribbean nation to the Worst in the World, with Bahamas joining their near neighbours in this ignominious club. They have sunk to the foot of the FIFA rankings in the latest release.

Bahamas last remaining ranking points, dated back to the World Cup qualifiers for the 2014 tournament when the Bahamas beat the Turks and Caicos Islands 4-0 and 6-0 in their two preliminary round matches. The last of those was played in July 2011, and so the ranking points gained then have now lapsed.

Having won through to the first round proper on that occasion, Bahamas subsequently withdrew due to problems with the construction of their new national stadium. The 23,000 capacity Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, which was a gift from the People’s Republic of China to the Bahamas, had been completed in time, but work in the surrounding areas hadn’t. Approach roads, car parks and apparently sewerage, were still in need of completion, and were the official reason why the Bahams withdrew from a qualifying group containing Panama, Nicaragua and Dominica. The withdrawal came just a couple of weeks ahead of their first scheduled fixture in Panama. Continue reading

Matthew Green: The Englishman in charge of the worst team in the world

GreenTurks2The Turks and Caicos Islands head into their Caribbean Cup qualifiers shortly under the leadership of their English coach, and Technical Director of the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association, Matthew Green. Leading the worst team in the world is quite a daunting task, naturally. But Green has some Caribbean success in his past as well as a rather interesting back story.

‘I did once take a pub side in Hull to a Sunday League title,’ said Green. ‘But that was a bit different to running an international team.’ Green is responsible for overseeing football development on the islands, as well as having had a stint as coach of the national team. Quite the rise for the former youth trainee at Hull City who went on to become a teacher after being released by his home town club as a fifteen year-old. Continue reading

A New Nation Slides To The Bottom – Turks & Caicos Islands


No action for any of the three nations currently ranked bottom, but they have been joined by a fourth country who have descended the slippery slope to ineptitude.  A warm basement welcome to the Turks & Caicos Islands whose fall to the foot of the world rankings was confirmed this month after their results from 4 years ago no longer scored ranking points.

That was a 2-1 win over St Lucia on 6th February 2008 in the first leg of a 2010 World Cup qualifier.  That high point was followed by a 2-0 defeat in the return match and TCI (as I’ll call them to keep things brief) were eliminated.  They weren’t seen again for over three years before another two legged preliminary World Cup tie, this time against the Bahamas.

In what was something of a local derby, the near neighbours from the Bahamas proved rather tough opposition with TCI losing 0-4 at home and 0-6 in Nassau a week later.

History suggests that it will be a few years until TCI see any action again since preliminary World Cup qualifiers seem to be the only action they see.  So it’s welcome to the Turks & Caicos Islands, we don’t expect you’ll be leaving us anytime soon.