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Worst in the World Tales: Azerbaijan


Through the 1990s, many new nations emerged from the turmoil of Eastern Europe. As the old world order was split and destroyed, so a raft of independent countries took their places in the world’s organisations. For many, membership of FIFA was almost as high on the list of priorities as gaining United Nations recognition. Continue reading

Farewell Andorra


We say farewell to Andorra who climbed 6 places to 199thafter picking up 15 ranking points for their 0-0 draw with Azerbaijan at the end of May.  Andorra’s tenure as a basement dweller has lasted only a year, since dropping to the foot of the rankings in May 2011; a brief stay by Worst in the World standards. Continue reading

Azerbaijan 0-0 Andorra – Defeat Avoided!

30th May 2012
Kelsterbach, Germany

Azerbaijan 0-0 Andorra


Not many countries can celebrate a 0-0 draw with Azerbaijan, but for Andorra a third goalless draw in four matches against this opponent was a huge positive.  The first time defeat had been avoided in a full international since another 0-0 draw against a former Soviet Republic, Armenia, back in February 2007. Continue reading