World Rankings: Anguilla’s Points Expunged

Anguilla FA BadgeThe latest FIFA rankings were published today with the confirmation that Anguilla’s sole remaining ranking points – two point left over from a 0-0 draw in a 2011 friendly match with the US Virgin Islands – have withered away to nothing. That last non-defeat now dating back more than four years it’s points no longer count towards Anguilla’s total, which now stands at a magnificent zero.

Of course this doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Anguilla were already ranked last thanks to Bhutan’s rise so this hasn’t made any difference in terms of their labelling as the current worst in the world.

Those directly above Anguilla haven’t lost any points in the mean time, so our island heroes are now 4 ranking points away from the next worst teams – Cook Islands and Djibouti, both of whom have served time as the worst in the world before.

More significantly, Anguilla have now moved to within one ranking month of pulling level with Guam for 4th place in the overall Worst in the World rankings. Now totalling 52 months, Anguilla look set to climb above Guam by the end of the summer as they have no fixtures currently set. Third placed San Marino are still a fair way off, with 77 months logged in world football’s basement.


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