FIFA Rankings July 2014: Turks & Caicos Climb


Following on from their victory over the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Cup last month the Turks & Caicos Islands have climbed well clear off the bottom of the FIFA world rankings with a frankly astonishing 66 point haul courtesy of that lone victory.

That sees them climb 26 places in the ranking tale to 181st and ends a stay at the bottom of the rankings that had lasted since October 2012.  Additionally, they are now ranked 29 out of the 35 CONCACAF nations thanks to their recent relative success.

What this all means is that we are of course down to just two teams at the foot of the world rankings; Bhutan and San Marino, who now due to being just two have officially slipped to equal 208th rather than equal 207th.  Bhutan currently have no fixtures arranged so their situation appears bleak.  As for perennial Euro-whipping boys San Marino, they begin their Euro 2016 campaign against Lithuania in Serravalle on 8th September.  They will also face England, Estonia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Just above those two in the rankings is our next most likely worst in the world team, Anguilla.  Their last non-defeat was just over three years ago; a 0-0 friendly draw with the US Virgin Islands.  Should they fail to record a win or draw by next June that will disappear from the ranking points calculations and they would lose their sole ranking point.  They do however have their own Caribbean Cup qualifiers in September against Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Dominican Republic in which to try and stave off the sorry slide.

July 2014 Rankings (bottom):

=200 Cambodia 13 Pts.
=200 British Virgin Islands 13
202 Eritrea 11
203 Somalia 8
204 Macau 7
205 Djibouti 6
206 Cook Islands 5
207 Anguilla 1
=208 Bhutan 0
=208 San Marino 0

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