Caribbean Cup: British Virgin Islands 0-2 Turks & Caicos Islands

Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Caribbean Cup Qualifier Preliminary Round Group Two
Guillermo Prospero Trinidad Stadium, Oranjestad, Aruba

British Virgin Islands 0-2 Turks & Caicos Islands

BVI0-2TurksComing in to this final group match on that back of two bruisingly bad beatings, it wouldn’t be surprising if optimism wa in short supply in the Turks & Caicos camps. But where there is life there is hope, as they say, and that hope manifested itself in the performances up until that point of their final opponent; the British Virgin Islands.

Both teams had suffered six goal hammerings against French Guiana, but while the Turks and Caicos were only narrowly beaten by Aruba, the British Virgin Islands had managed to ship let in no fewer than seven goals to the group hosts. Both teams were pointless so far, so to speak, and a couple of hours before Aruba and French Guiana would battle it out for group supremacy and qualification for the next round of qualifying, the two smallest nations faced off hoping to avoid a whitewash. For the Turks and Caicos Islands, it was a real opportunity to get a positive result and to escape their ranking fate; to finally get that monkey off their back.

It would prove to be a fairly even contest, played out in the oppressive heat of the early evening in Oranjestad. This clash between two of the lowliest ranked teams in world football, one of them the lowest of all of course, didn’t attract much of an audience. The smattering of spectators that were in attendance were dotted about the stands, hiding from the sun under the small main stand’s roof. Most of them were little more than curious onlookers; early arrivals for the main event when Aruba played later on.

Gavin Glinton was thankfully fit enough to come back in to replace Stevens Derilien and Kely Louima and Syed Hassan replaced Paul Collis and Marc-donald Fenelus.  Crucially, Raymondon Azemard was also fit enough to start in goal.

The Turks and Caicos Islands were at full strength, such as it was. Looking for their first win in an international fixture in over six years, they set about their task with purpose. Chances came at both ends of the pitch but it would take a piece of slack defending to cause the breakthrough.

Shortly after half an hour’s play, Turks and Caicos’ twenty-one year-old striker Marco Fenelus was dangerously gifted the ball in the opposition half and ran into the British Virgin Islands area before firing past the keeper. Having sent his team into the lead, he turned sheepishly back towards the half-way line for the restart as though unsure of what to do.

Midway through the second half, it got even better. An attack had broken down but some opportunism saw the ball regained on the left wing and a simple ball across goal, combined with some shoddy defending, left an easy tap in for Stevens Derilien. This time the celebrations were a little more polished. With the dawning realisation that a win really was on the cards, Derilien was mobbed by his jubilant teammates. Those scenes were repeated at the final whistle, albeit with a deal of added exhaustion, when their momentous, significant victory had been declared at long last.

Brief highlights can be seen here:

So the Turks & Caicos Islands have their first win for six years and will climb off the bottom of FIFA’s rankings when the next edition is published (after the World Cup) leaving us with just two teams to follow: San Marino and Bhutan.

Turks & Caicos Islands line up:
Raymondson Azemard, Wildens Delva, James Rene, Chris Gardiner, Kely Louima, Syed Hassan (Stevens Derilien, 46), Jerry Liluce, Jack McKnight, Gavin Glinton (Paul Collis, 83), Fred Dorvil (Philip Shearer, 86), Marco Fenelus.

The win sealed a third place finish for the Turks & Caicos Islands in Group Two of the Caribbean Cup Qualifiers Preliminary Round.  The focus as far as qualification was concerned was on the other match between hosts Aruba and French Guiana.  And it was the French who grabbed the place in the next round with a 2-0 over Aruba.

Other Group Two results:

French Guiana 6-0 British Virgin Islands
Aruba 1-0 Turks & Caicos Islands
Turks & Caicos Islands 0-6 French Guiana
Aruba 7-0 British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands 0-2 Turks & Caicos Islands
Aruba 0-2 French Guiana

Final Standings:

1. French Guiana 3 14-0 9
2. Aruba 3 8-2 6
3. Turks & Caicos Islands 3 2-7 3
4. British Virgin Islands 3 0-15 0

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