South Asian Football Fun – 2013 SAFF Championships


South Asia’s upcoming eight team party in Nepal gives an opportunity for Bhutan to try and claw their way off the foot of the World Rankings with a whopping three fixtures, their only fixtures so far in 2013.

Bhutan are in Group B alongside Afghanistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.  Naturally all of these teams are ranked higher than Bhutan, but not so far above that we can’t get a little giddy at the prospect of a little upset here.  Afghanistan are the highest ranked at 139, followed by Maldives at 153 and Sri Lanka at 170.

Bhutan’s fixtures are as follows:

2ndSeptember 2013 v. Afghanistan Halchowk Stadium, Kathmandu, Nepal
4thSeptember 2013 v. Maldives Halchowk Stadium, Kathmandu, Nepal
6thSeptember 2013 v. Sri Lanka Halchowk Stadium, Kathmandu, Nepal

The other group is made up of Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.


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