San Marino back in action against England

22nd March 2013
World Cup Qualifier
Stadio Olimpico, Serravalle

San Marino v. England

SanMarino222It’s time for more World Cup qualifiers in Europe and that means San Marino are back in action again, hosting England in Serravalle on Friday before a trip to Poland next week.  For England it’s a guaranteed three points ahead of their big match with Montenegro next Tuesday, but for San Marino it’s a chance to be noticed on the big stage, and to do all they can to avoid a huge score.

Keeping it tight for as long as possible is the only approach here, and trying to frustrate England as much as they can.  San Marino will tire, and England will win, so the only question is how many San Marino can contain them to.

England won 5-0 at home earlier in this campaign and will be looking for something to match that at the very least, and probably more.  They kept England at bay for over half an hour on that occasion, only going behind to a penalty in the end.

Of course the last time England visited San Marino (ok, it was actually in Bologna) they won 7-1, but the 1 took all the attention rather than the 7.  That was of course the fastest goal in World Cup history scored by David Gualtieri after a mere 8 seconds.

Magnificent stuff!  Does lightning strike twice?  A goal at any stage of the match would be mind blowingly stunning for San Marino, let alone taking the lead.  England will be desperately hoping that is not the case this time.

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