World Cup Qualifying: San Marino v. Moldova Preview


No rest for the wicked as San Marino are playing again on Tuesday in a home tie against Moldova.  On paper this represents San Marino’s best prospect of avoiding defeat in this campaign, Moldova being significantly weaker than any of the other countries in the group.

Weak they may be, but they are still vastly superior to San Marino sadly, so when I say “best prospect” it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.  It’s all relative.  Moldova are currently 141st in the world which makes them one of Europe’s weakest, but still quite a bit higher up than San Marino.

So dare we hope for a Sammarinese goal, or whisper it quietly, even a draw?  Everything is crossed hoping for a big performance from the boys in blue.

This will be the fourth meeting between the two sides and while the previous encounters have been relatively close, San Marino have yet to breach the Moldovan goal.  This will be the third October in succession for the two to face each other, having played in 2010 and 2011 during Euro 2012 qualification.

San Marino v. Moldova All-time record

26th April 2000 Serravalle Friendly Lost 0-1
12th October 2010 Serravalle Euro Qual Lost 0-2
11th October 2011 Chisinau Euro Qual Lost 0-4

Sad to say the results have been getting steadily worse for San Marino, so at the very least an improvement on the 4-0 defeat of a year ago would be good, or keeping it as close as the previous home matches would be nice.

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