Montserrat No Longer Worst In The World!!

Confirmation came today in the latest FIFA rankings that Montserrat have finally climbed off the bottom of the world rankings, following their stunning 7-0 win over the British Virgin Islands last month.  That lone victory, a first in 18 years has earned Montserrat an incredible 66 ranking points and resulted in a climb up to 181st place in the current rankings table, a climb of 25 places.  Utterly astonishing.

Nobody has been stuck at the foot of the rankings as long as Montserrat who have been there since July 2006 (and only off the bottom then thanks to new nations coming along).  Quite how we’re going to cope without them I just don’t know.

Still firmly in last place are San Marino, Bhutan and Turks & Caicos Islands, of which only San Marino are in regular action.  Don’t expect any of those to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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