World Cup Qualifier: San Marino 0-6 Montenegro

11thSeptember 2012
World Cup Qualifier
Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle, Serravalle, San Marino

San Marino 0-6 Montenegro


As expected San Marino started their World Cup campaign with a defeat at home to a decent Montenegro side, losing 6-0.

Looking beyond the scoreline, San Marino even had the chance to take the lead in this one, a rarity indeed. But of course it was the goals at the other end that came soon enough.  They seemed to come in bursts, with two first half concessions within two minutes of each other midway through the first half.  A third was added not long after half-time but then it seems the fitness levels of the professionals told more and more a three more were added late on.

As such it’s not a totally disheartening defeat for San Marino, although the downside is that there was never much prospect of a goal being scored.  This campaign is destined, as most other are, to be a long hard slog for San Marino.  This is just the first of many expected tonkings and sets the benchmark for how their future results in this campaign will be measured.

Highlights of Montenegro’s goals can be seen here…

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