New World Rankings – great news for Samoa and American Samoa


The latest FIFA World Rankings have been released, and naturally they confirm the rise of Samoa and American Samoa from the foot of the ranking table after both recorded wins in the recent Oceania World Cup qualifying group.

Samoa’s ascent is quite stunning, leaping an incredible 55 places from equal 204th and last place to now be ranked 149th in the world.  And what is more they are now officially the second highest ranked team in Oceania behind New Zealand.  It’s incredible what winning a couple of games when hardly anyone else is playing can do for your ranking!

And as for American Samoa, never having won an official match before, or even drawn one frankly, their rise of 18 places up to 186th is taking them into nose-bleed territory.  A quite magnificent achievement for a nation that has more often than not been firmly rooted to the bottom of the world rankings.

They have also climbed above both Papua New Guinea and Cook Islands (who they beat in November of course) to be ranked 9th out of 10 in Oceania.  Heady days indeed.

This now leaves us with just 3 teams remaining as official Worst in the World; Andorra, San Marino and Montserrat.


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