San Marino’s World Cup Qualifying Fixtures


Most of the European qualifying group fixtures for the 2014 World Cup have been announced, including San Marino’s fixtures in Group H, which are as follows:

11th September 2012: San Marino v. Montenegro
12th October 2012: England v. San Marino
16th October 2012: San Marino v. Moldova
14th November 2012: Montenegro v. San Marino
22nd March 2013: San Marino v. England
26th March 2013: Poland v. San Marino
6th September 2013: Ukraine v. San Marino
10th September 2013: San Marino v. Poland
11th October 2013: Moldova v. San Marino
15th October 2013: San Marino v. Ukraine

Past history suggests that San Marino are more than likely to remain as one of our Worst in the World throughout these fixtures, with possibly the games against Moldova giving the greatest chance of an upset.

Our other European representatives, Andorra, haven’t yet had their fixtures decided. They have been drawn in group D alongside Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary, Romania and Estonia, a group that suggests prospects of any ranking points are unlikely.


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