Samoa win through: Samoa 1 American Samoa 0

26th November 2011
Oceania World Cup Qualifying Round 1
J.S. Blatter Stadium, Apia, Samoa

Samoa 1 – 0 American Samoa


Samoa won the battle of the two Samoas, and also the Oceania World Cup Round One group, with a last minute Silao Malo goal to win 1-0.

It was also of course an almost unprecedented meeting of two current bottom ranked nations, although both had done plenty in their previous two matches to ensure neither of them are bottom any more.

American Samoa did have a golden opportunity of their own in a match they needed to win in order to progress, when Diamond Ott broke through but his shot came off the post. It was straight from that let off that Samoa broke upfield and scored their winner. A heartbreaking end for American Samoa having come so close to winning it all, but a terrific win for the hosts Samoa.

Despite coming so close to winning the group, American Samoa ended up in third place thanks to a Tongan win 2-1 over Cook Islands, although neither of those two could qualify on the last day of the group.

Final Standings:

Samoa Pl. 3 Pts. 7
Tonga 3 4
American Samoa 3 4
Cook Islands 3 1

We’ll look closer at Samoa and American Samoas rise off the foot of the rankings in due course, and celebrate it accordingly, after what has been a momentous few days for two of the Worst in the World.

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